musical musings



i’m a 23-year-old recent grad from umass amherst. i have a ba in communications and a minor in women, gender and sexuality studies. i’m currently working as a marketing and sales coordinator at a corporate team building events company, and as a promotions team member at a boston radio station. i like wandering around aimlessly in the woods and smothering my dog with affection until she hates me. i also enjoy lying on my bed for extended periods of time staring at the ceiling and over analyzing the meaning of life. food and alcohol are also hobbies, if those count as hobbies.


i’m into everything. i’ll admit that i’m hypocritical because i usually question other people when i ask “what do you listen to?” and they say “everything”. i’ll listen to it all. if you suggest it to me, i’ll try it. i’ll give into peer pressure with music suggestions. it’s safer than trying drugs. if i had to choose a favorite genre, i couldn’t. so don’t ask me. unless you feel like it. i don’t know. i can’t tell you what to do. sorry.

stalk me.

facebook: lauren adams
twitter: @mostlymusiq
instagram: laurenb_adams


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