musical musings


the basics.

i’m a 27-year-old marketing professional living in somerville and working in boston. i like wandering around aimlessly in the woods and smothering my dog with affection until she hates me. i also enjoy lying on my bed for extended periods of time staring at the ceiling and over analyzing the meaning of life. i also like food and alcohol.

my taste.

i’m into a little bit of everything from nine inch nails to taylor swift and everything outside of that and everything in between that. i like a lot of stuff. i like nigerian funk. i like death metal. i like appalachian bluegrass. i like early 2000s emo. i like the wiggles. just kidding. but they have a few jams. i don’t like country except for like one song a year that i hear on the radio on a really nice summer day and i kinda dig it. i like depressing folk songs about lost love. i like gangsta rap. i like that you’re still reading this.

find me.

facebook: lauren adams
twitter: @mostlymusiq
instagram: laurenb_adams


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