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#tbt: “hurricane” by bob dylan

just a quick post to get my thoughts down somewhere tangible.

recent events in ferguson and new york reminded me of this song…an old classic that i love and hadn’t listened to in a while. also speaks to some huge issues we have in this current day and age…listen to the lyrics. it’s a true story.


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let me just take a moment…

…and let you in on something that i used to be ashamed to admit at my age, but have decided to no longer hide from the world.

i. love. third. eye. blind.

i love third eye blind so much, that i’ve seen them in concert five times. and i would see them another five times. and then i would see them a million more times after that.

i don’t care if you think that’s stupid. because i have legitimate reasons for loving third eye blind.

first of all, their songs are SO CATCHY. you have to admit, semi-charmed life is one of the catchiest songs you’ve ever heard. and you have to admit that when it comes on the radio, you don’t change the station. why would you? it’s a 90s summer classic and YOU LOVE IT. don’t even lie.

second, third eye blind has always been there for me. i first got really into third eye blind when i was in the eighth grade and my friend lee burned their self-titled album for me. he decorated the (slightly scratched, of course) cd in true i-burnt-this-cd-for-you-because-i’m-in-eighth-grade fashion and i played that album on repeat. i still play it on repeat ten years later. i never got sick of it. and i’ll be frank and say that third eye blind has always had the power to improve my mood. their songs are just so HAPPY. any time i’m down or just having a bad day i throw them on and BAM, mood improvement. it’s magic. and if you give them a chance, you’ll realize that the lyrics are deep and well written. stephan jenkins, the lead singer, attended uc berkeley and graduated with a degree in english lit – so you know he’s a good writer.

third, they are awesome live. i like going to concerts where the band interacts with their audience on a real level. since third eye blind normally plays smaller venues, it’s easy for them to do. and since i’m a fangirl, i’m always in the front row, and i feel like i know these guys by now. except i know that’s what crazy celebrity stalkers think, too. but i love how the band interacts with each other and then makes the audience feel like they’re actually special and when they say “wow, boston, i sincerely have to say you guys are the best crowd we’ve ever had” you actually might even believe that they haven’t said that to every other audience they’ve played for in the past and aren’t planning to say it to every audience they’ll perform for in the future.

so there it is. i said it. i love third eye blind, and i always will. they’re awesome. and if you don’t think so, that’s fine, and you don’t have to come with me to their next concert because you’re a hater.

if you want to stop being a hater and give them a chance, here are my top ten favorite songs in no particular order, and yes, this was extremely difficult to narrow down.

1. crystal baller
2. wounded
3. 10 days late
4. losing a whole year
5. narcolepsy
6. london
7. 1000 julys
8. blinded
9. red star
10. how’s it going to be

pick your poison and just give them a chance, i beg of you.

third eye blind