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london grammar

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i first discovered london grammar upon hearing them featured on disclosure’s “help me lose my mind” (one of my favorite songs of all time). hannah reid’s hauntingly beautiful voice resonated with me from hearing that song, and i dove into london grammar’s discography from there.

the british trio just released a new single called “oh woman oh man” from their upcoming album truth is a beautiful thing (coming out june 9, 2017) and i’ve listened to it 92 times in a row in my dark little cube at work, pretending that i’m floating through outer space instead – her voice does that to you.

if you like this song and want to get started with a few others, here are my recommendations:
-wasting my younger years
-hey now
-big picture
-help me lose my mind (by disclosure, featuring l.g.)

side note: i wrote a post about the sensation called “frission” a while back…this song gives me serious frission. check it out.


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