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learned a new word today to finally describe this feeling i get when i listen to certain songs.

wikipedia definition: frisson (french for ‘shiver’) is a sensation somewhat like shivering, usually caused by stimuli. it is typically expressed as an overwhelming emotional response combined with piloerection (goosebumps). stimuli that produce a response are specific to the individual.

frisson is of short duration, usually no more than 4–5 seconds, usually pleasurable.[1] typical stimuli include loud passages of music and passages that violate some level of musical expectation.[2]

my definition: “scorn” by portishead (a remix of glory box that i discovered from watching an old favorite movie, the craft). this song gives me serious frisson.


Author: laurenadams1

University of Massachusetts, Amherst 2013 graduate with a BA in Communication and a minor in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. Currently working in Marketing for the largest hotel in New England. Board of Trustees for the Haley Cremer Foundation. ENFP, cynical optimist. Avid concert-goer, Spotify playlist making expert, city explorer, Thai food lover and sour beer connoisseur. Follow me on IG and Twitter @somerchille

2 thoughts on “frisson

  1. I never realized this was a sensation that happened to others, nevermind so somewhat ubiquitously so as to have been put into striking definition! Extra points for Portishead, and your frissonic response thereof! 🙂

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