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banks (i could get real punny here but i won’t)


banksonly have time for a quick blurb here, i’m a verrrrrrrry important person.

banks gained popularity late this year with the release of her album goddess. and a goddess she is. (that was corny).

check out “beggin for thread” by banks. i just started listening to her the other day and this is her biggest single so far. she has a fabulous voice that reminds me a little bit of the late aaliyah and she’s super cool and pretty and i wanna be her.


Author: laurenadams1

University of Massachusetts, Amherst 2013 graduate with a BA in Communication and a minor in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. Currently working in Marketing for the largest hotel in New England. Board of Trustees for the Haley Cremer Foundation. ENFP, cynical optimist. Avid concert-goer, Spotify playlist making expert, city explorer, Thai food lover and sour beer connoisseur. Follow me on IG and Twitter @somerchille

3 thoughts on “banks (i could get real punny here but i won’t)

  1. This is great! Thanks for posting!

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