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fitz and the tantrums = ♥ ♥ ♥

“hey, break the walls! hey, break the walls!” has been stuck in my head for about 3 days now.

fitz and the tantrumssunday night at the house of blues, fitz and the tantrums played their second consecutive boston show, and they brought the house dooown. it was basically a giant dance party between the awesome light show and the confetti raining down during the encore.

fitz and the tantrums had played governor’s ball but unfortunately they had a tough set time for me – my friend hannah is a chance the rapper fan and he was playing at the same time so we agreed to do half and half. i clearly didn’t get a good enough taste coming into their set halfway through and standing so far back from the stage that i could barely hear or see them performing (but we had great proximity to the stage where disclosure was playing next which was sweet).

anyway, the second time around, they were awesome and they played everything i wanted to hear. the obvious encore was “the walker” (which i’ve been a bit sick of lately, but it was still great live). they played all the go-to’s: “out of my league”, “don’t gotta work it out”, “breakin’ the chains of love”, “moneygrabber”, and their newest single “fool’s gold”. they also did a great cover of “sweet dreams (are made of this)” by the eurythmics. (side note: i was thinking during the show that they could do an awesome b52’s cover. with the male and female vocals and the neo-soul, funky pop sound it would be awesome).

i loved the jazzy sax and flute and the organ was a cool touch. it’s also pretty cool that they actually don’t have a guitar in the band – i think that’s pretty rare. seeing a band live can sometimes sway my opinion in the wrong way when they aren’t as good as i had hoped and expected from hearing them through my headphones – but this was the opposite. i’ve been listening to them on repeat ever since.

check out the first song i ever heard by fitz and the tantrums – “moneygrabber”