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top 5 favorite creepy songs for halloween

if you know me, you’ll know that i love horror. i love to be scared. i’ll always choose a horror movie over a comedy or drama (or anything else). i’m not sure why, but i just love it. i’ve watched so many horror films that i actually feel numb to even getting scared by them anymore (besides the occasional movie that makes me nearly pee myself).

along with my love of the horror movie genre is my love of creepy music. i actually have a spotify playlist called “evil” so i can catalog all my strange and scary music choices. am i weirding you out yet?

in honor of halloween this friday, i’ve compiled a list of my top 5 favorite creepy songs to send shivers down your spine (in no particular order).

1. “living dead girl” by rob zombie

i love me some rob zombie. his grungy horror style appeals to me for some reason (in both his movies and music). there’s nothing like sitting down with a bowl of popcorn and watching the devil’s rejects for the hundredth time. this song is one of my favorites, but i recently discovered an album of his called american made music to strip by which features all remixes of some of his most popular songs. if you like this, you should check it out. white zombie is pretty great too.

2. “house of the rising sun” by lauren o’connel

i first heard this song in a commercial for american horror story: coven. i didn’t really live the show that season, but i had to find this song after i heard it. it’s a cover of the classic by the animals, but this version gives me actual goosebumps every single time i listen to it. she sings the song in a slow and sultry style, and i actually listened to the lyrics more closely to realize this song is a lot heavier than i had always thought. her voice is reminiscent of a dark lana del rey. in fact, i think she should totally cover this song as well.

3. “personal jesus” by marilyn manson

marilyn manson looks like he celebrates halloween 365 days of the year. i love his dark twist on this song, especially with the juxtaposition of his antichrist image and the topic of jesus and faith. there are lots of versions of this song and i enjoy all of them; most notably by depeche mode and johnny cash. but marilyn manson’s version is perfectly deranged – check out the video to see how weird he looks holding a cute little baby.

4. “scorn” by portishead

this dark and sexy remix of the song “glorybox” is featured in one of my favorite witch movies, the craft. it conjures up images of dark magic and mischief. portishead is one of my favorite trip hop bands ever and i can’t get enough of them – this song though never ceases to intrigue me and creep me out at the same time.

5. “mad world” by gary jules and michael andrews

donnie darko is one of my favorite movies. every time i watch it, i come up with a new conclusion to what i think might have actually happened. it twists my mind in a million directions. i also love the soundtrack…quietly creepy and chill-inducing. this song is probably the most well known from the movie, and it’s a cover of the classic from the band tears for fears. i prefer this version, though – sort of dark and lonely and introspective, and reminiscent of the feel of the movie itself.

this was tough – i probably could’ve replaced a few of these with a nine inch nails or echo and the bunnymen song, but it was hard to choose. what would you have added?tumblr_nap219pfaE1tjsogwo1_400


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st. paul & the broken bones are the next big thing

i can promise you that.

if you don’t know this band, stop reading this post immediately and get crackin’ on your youtube searches. but then come back here and finish reading my post because i actually do spend time doing this stuff.   10177854_10203176146504732_779829235192370671_n

when i first heard st. paul & the broken bones, i was at work. the cool thing about working at a radio station is that i pull up to the station with my radio tuned into 92.5, i get out of the car, walk in the door, and the same thing i was just listening to in my car 10 seconds earlier is still playing in real time.

anyway, one of our dj’s introduced a new song that we had just started playing, and everybody in the room (pretty much in unison) started screeching, “I LOVE THIS SONGGGGG!”. the song was “call me” by st. paul & the broken bones. the first thing i notice was how incredibly different the sound of this song was. it was jazzy, soulful, and featured a horn section which i absolutely love. the singer’s voice was like, if warm, melty chocolate could sing. does that make sense? ok.

i was lucky enough to work a private event with this band earlier this week at the paradise rock club in boston, a small venue with an intimate performance space and a cool little lounge area with bomb food and drinks. the event was a “private vip sound check party” for our listeners who won access to it, and it was suuuch a good time. i mean that. even though i was working, i was seriously having a ball with these ‘bama born guys.

st. paul & the broken bonespaul, the lead singer, actually hopped off the stage during the performance and danced around on the floor with all the listeners. his moves were slick like little richard. after, he took the time to give sincere meaning to a “meet and greet” – he chatted it up with each and every listener who came to take pictures with the band post-performance, and autographed any and all items that people brought up. plus, he selfie-d with me. so that gives them huge kudos alone.

i would post some of the video i took of this private event, but i’m fairly certain i could get myself in trouble for doing that. so, if you want to see it, somehow find me with your expert stalker skills, and after being very weird-ed out, i’ll show you on my phone.

my two favorite songs off this album are “call me” (their first single) and “half the city”. check out “call me” below to get yourself started, and then begin succumbing to the new addiction you will have to listening to this band’s music.

these guys are on tour, by the way. check out the dates and cities they’re coming to next here.

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smart people listen to radiohead and dumb people listen to beyoncé, according to new study

i just have to say, this made me LOL.

Consequence of Sound

How does a person’s intelligence relate to the type of music they listen to? For the last several years, a software application writer by the name of Virgil Griffith has charted musical tastes based on the average SAT scores of various college institutions. For example, students attending the California Institute of Technology have an average SAT score of 1520. By looking at Facebook to determine the most popular (or — “liked”) band of students at Cal Tech, Griffith was able to conclude that Radiohead really truly is music for smart people. A highly scientific study, I know.

As Digital Inspiration points out, Griffith’s latest chart reveals Sufjan Stevens, Bob Dylan, The Shins, and — uh — Counting Crows as other favorite bands of smart people. Meanwhile, Lil Wayne, Beyoncé, The Used, and gospel music comes in at the lower end of the spectrum — or, as Griffith puts it, is music for dumb people.

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let me just take a moment…

…and let you in on something that i used to be ashamed to admit at my age, but have decided to no longer hide from the world.

i. love. third. eye. blind.

i love third eye blind so much, that i’ve seen them in concert five times. and i would see them another five times. and then i would see them a million more times after that.

i don’t care if you think that’s stupid. because i have legitimate reasons for loving third eye blind.

first of all, their songs are SO CATCHY. you have to admit, semi-charmed life is one of the catchiest songs you’ve ever heard. and you have to admit that when it comes on the radio, you don’t change the station. why would you? it’s a 90s summer classic and YOU LOVE IT. don’t even lie.

second, third eye blind has always been there for me. i first got really into third eye blind when i was in the eighth grade and my friend lee burned their self-titled album for me. he decorated the (slightly scratched, of course) cd in true i-burnt-this-cd-for-you-because-i’m-in-eighth-grade fashion and i played that album on repeat. i still play it on repeat ten years later. i never got sick of it. and i’ll be frank and say that third eye blind has always had the power to improve my mood. their songs are just so HAPPY. any time i’m down or just having a bad day i throw them on and BAM, mood improvement. it’s magic. and if you give them a chance, you’ll realize that the lyrics are deep and well written. stephan jenkins, the lead singer, attended uc berkeley and graduated with a degree in english lit – so you know he’s a good writer.

third, they are awesome live. i like going to concerts where the band interacts with their audience on a real level. since third eye blind normally plays smaller venues, it’s easy for them to do. and since i’m a fangirl, i’m always in the front row, and i feel like i know these guys by now. except i know that’s what crazy celebrity stalkers think, too. but i love how the band interacts with each other and then makes the audience feel like they’re actually special and when they say “wow, boston, i sincerely have to say you guys are the best crowd we’ve ever had” you actually might even believe that they haven’t said that to every other audience they’ve played for in the past and aren’t planning to say it to every audience they’ll perform for in the future.

so there it is. i said it. i love third eye blind, and i always will. they’re awesome. and if you don’t think so, that’s fine, and you don’t have to come with me to their next concert because you’re a hater.

if you want to stop being a hater and give them a chance, here are my top ten favorite songs in no particular order, and yes, this was extremely difficult to narrow down.

1. crystal baller
2. wounded
3. 10 days late
4. losing a whole year
5. narcolepsy
6. london
7. 1000 julys
8. blinded
9. red star
10. how’s it going to be

pick your poison and just give them a chance, i beg of you.

third eye blind