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first aid kit for fall

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fak1-970x545the weather is starting to get cooler around here and fall is in the air. “my silver lining” by first aid kit has been in my head all week and since i have this interesting thing that i do where i constantly associate songs with seasons, i wanted to share this video. fall is my favorite season anyway, so i tend to associate the best music with fall. it’s a subconscious thing, i can’t really explain.

if you aren’t familiar with first aid kit, think folk meets old school country (like, johnny cash country) meets alternative. i’m really not into country as most people know it to be today, but this is just different. they’re not twangy or cheesy, they’re mellow and modern.

they have some other great songs too, if you like this one. check out “emmylou” and “stay gold”.


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University of Massachusetts, Amherst 2013 graduate with a BA in Communication and a minor in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. Currently working in Marketing for the largest hotel in New England. Board of Trustees for the Haley Cremer Foundation. ENFP, cynical optimist. Avid concert-goer, Spotify playlist making expert, city explorer, Thai food lover and sour beer connoisseur. Follow me on IG and Twitter @somerchille

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