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arcade fire concert review/recap

i finally got to see arcade fire, one of my all-time favorite bands, in concert. check that one off the bucket list. yesss! they came to mansfield, ma this past tuesday, august 19 as a part of the reflektor tour.

being the music snob that i am, i admit that i wrote down every song in my phone that they played during the concert so i could blog about it later (and also a little part of me wanted to prove that i could name every song they played). well, now it’s later – so here’s the setlist from the show (along with my own thoughts):

1. normal person – one of the better tracks off of reflektor and a good choice of opener.
2. rebellion (lies) – this was the first song i ever heard by them, and subsequently the reason i got hooked. suuuch a good song.
3. joan of arc – decent song that sounded awesome live, the river plays it occasionally so it’s grown on me.
4. we used to wait – love this song. they played clips from the short film scenes from the suburbs during it, and it reminded me how stupid that movie was.
5. the suburbs – love love love love love.
6. the suburbs (continued) – continuous love.
7. ready to start – this was probably my favorite track off of the suburbs. it reminds me of walking around the umass campus in the winter, listening to it on repeat. how nostalgic đŸ˜„
8. neighborhood #1 – such a good song. psyched to have heard it live.
9. we exist – kind of a…”whatever” song.
10. no cars go – i was sooo excited that they played this. my personal favorite.
11. haiti – this song reminds me of laying on the beach. really mellow and rĂ©gine chassagne’s voice sounded beautiful.
12. reflektor – i was never crazy about this song, the title track. or the entire album, really. but it sounded good live.
13. flashbulb eyes – kind of an unremarkable song in my opinion, but the stage visuals were pretty sweet. huge reflectors and flashing lights.
14. my body is a cage intro… – why didn’t they play the whole thing?! huge bummer, especially since it’s one mike wanted to hear.
15. …afterlife – meh. again, not crazy about it, but it sounded good live and i could appreciate it a little more. but i was more bummed that it wasn’t actually my body is a cage that was playing instead.
16. it’s never over – i had never heard this one, and i think it was during this song that i wrote down the setlist…so i tuned out a little.
17. the sprawl ii – another favorite, very happy to have heard it – and rĂ©gine chassagne can seriously hit the high notes.
18. more than a feeling (boston cover) – they didn’t really perform this, they just played it over the pa system. good song anyway, though.
19. alec eiffel (pixies cover) – i went through an extensive pixies phase my sophomore year of college, but never really dug this song. i’ll check it out again after hearing them cover it.
20. here comes the night time – one of the better songs off of reflektor. they seemed to enjoy performing it.
21. neighborhood #3 – another all time favorite.
22. wake up – from what i’ve researched, they end every show with this. i guess people know it as the where the wild things are song. noticed a lot of people getting really amped up when it came on.unnamed

despite my (somewhat) prior knowledge of what i could expect to hear (i did extensive research beforehand from to figure out what i could expect), arcade fire threw in some surprises and put on a great performance. it was basically everything i could have wanted. plus, i had a great concert buddy.

*note to self: get in the pit next time.


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dj shadow has emerged from the shadows

dj shadow has been on hiatus for three years, til today.

he issued this press release along with a surprise 3-song ep that you can stream online:

djshadow“I’m pleased to announce THE LIQUID AMBER EP. This single/EP serves as the opening salvo in what I hope is a long string of music, by myself and others, on my new imprint: LIQUID AMBER. There’s two new songs, ‘Ghost Town’ and ‘Mob,’ and a nifty remix of ‘Six Days’ by Machinedrum.

‘Ghost Town’ is an ambitious ride through many of the micro-genres within the Future Bass umbrella that have inspired me recently, while ‘Mob’ is an intentionally stripped-down, Cali-certified head-nodder. Both songs were written, programmed, and mixed by myself, and they represent the forward steps I feel I’ve taken as an engineer. The ‘Six Days’ remix was something I asked Machinedrum to knock out as a tour weapon, and he crushed it (naturally), so I felt it deserved a proper release.

I’m excited about this music and the new imprint, and I really appreciate everyone’s time and consideration.”

stream the liquid amber ep on soundcloud here.

also be sure to check out his older stuff. my suggestion is his 1996 album endtroducing… but you could probably pick any album at random and enjoy it just as much if you’re into downtempo trip-hop and electronica.

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nme’s 100 most influential artists (and who they missed)

i’ll get right to the point. here’s their list:

100. Deerhunter
99. The Cure
98. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
97. Iceage
96. Country Teasers
95. Dirty Projectorsde5d89f27c935733bfcccb5ecb1c75b7
94. Richard Hawley
93. Black Lips
92. St. Vincent
91. Foals
90. Flying Lotus
89. Simple Minds
88. Oneohtrix Point Never
87. Billy Bragg
86. The Triffids
85. Black Flag
84. Nine Inch Nails
83. The Jesus and Mary Chain
82. Massive Attack
81. Animal Collective
80. Dusty Springfield
79. Suicide
78. Stevie Wonder
77. Best Coast
76. Vampire Weekend
75. The Wedding Present
74. Slint
73. Wu-Tang Clan
72. Grimes
71. Rilo Kiley
70. Pharrell
69. Nick Lowe
68. The National
67. Jay Z
66. The Slits
65. Diplo
64. The Zombies
63. Talk Talk
62. The
61. DJ Shadow
60. DJ Rashad
59. Chic
58. Black Sabbath
57. James Blake
56. Happy Mondays
55. The Chills
54. Aphex Twin
53. The Fall
52. Nas
51. Television
50. Sufjan Stevens
49. Death From Above 1979
48. Bat For Lashes
47. The Cars
46. Wiley
45. T Rex
44. Bikini Kill
43. New Order
42. PJ Harvey
41. Led Zeppelin
40. Tame Impala
39. Brian Jonestown Massacre
38. Dr. Dre
37. Kraftwerk
36. My Bloody Valentine
35. TV on the Radio
34. Depeche Mode
33. The Knife
32. Pavement
31. Bjorktumblr_lhrie5vGYd1qg35us
30. Bon Iver
29. Bruce Springsteen
28. Beck
27. The Stone Roses
26. Fleetwood Mac
25. Nirvana
24. Queens of the Stone Age
23. Burial
22. Sonic Youth
21. Hole
20. Prince
19. Neutral Milk Hotel
18. Aaliyah
17. Blur
16. The Velvet Underground
15. Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers
14. The Clash
13. Joy Division
12. The Breeders
11. The Smiths
10. The xx
09. Nick Cave
08. Kate Bush
07. The Gun Gun Club
06. The Flaming Lips
05. The Strokes
04. The White Stripes
03. Kanye West
02. David Bowie
01. Radiohead

…and here’s who they (quite obviously, in my opinion) missed – in no particular order:

the beatlesF05F7927-71AA-49A7-B8EF-687AF7108BC9
the who
jimi hendrix
bob dylan
the rolling stones
the talking heads
neil young
johnny cash
michael jackson
pearl jam
daft punk
arcade fire
miles davis
little richard
james brown

for justification/explanation on how nme created the list, check out their blog post on the topic.

did i miss any? please, correct me if i’m wrong.

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a taste of tom petty & the heartbreakers

this guyyy!

tom petty & the heartbreakers are releasing their new album hypnotic eye this september, but npr first listen is streaming it online as a sneak preview of what’s to come.Tom-Petty

i heard his new single “u get me high” while i was listening to the river and i later scoured the internet to find it available for download. i failed – as i said, the album comes out in september. but last week, npr released this gem, and now i have something to work with.

i saw tom petty & the heartbreakers perform live at the comcast center (now the xfinity center) in mansfield, ma in 2008, the summer after my junior year of high school. they absolutely blew me away. to this day, it’s one of the best shows i’ve ever been to. he’s coming this august to play at fenway, and me and my bank account are still deciding if we’re gonna go. i’m thinking it’ll be worth the emotional pain that comes along with pressing the “check out” button on ticketmaster and hitting myself over the head about the seemingly rash decision i just made. but i always seem to forget about those moments once i’m standing in the crowd with a beer in my hand listening to one of my favorite musicians kill it. i’m leaning towards that.

check out hypnotic eye here.