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that guy with two first names

10547501_842130895819076_5456134286615101341_nlast week i had the opportunity to watch american idol winner phillip phillips perform live in the river music hall. he was in boston to play a show with oar that night at the blue hills bank pavilion so he stopped by wxrv during the day to perform a couple songs and take pictures with fans. he only played two songs which was a biiit of a bummer (most artists who come to the rmh play four), but i can’t complain too much because i got paid to watch him be interviewed and jam with his band and take pictures with him. not a bad day on the job.

he played “raging fire” and “lead on”, both from his new album behind the light. he sounded incredible in the tiny music hall and really came alive while he was performing – a drastic difference from his interview, where he was pretty shy.

after watching him perform live i came home to download his albums – i only knew a couple of his songs: “home”, “gone, gone, gone” and “raging fire”…his three popular singles. i later found this cover he did of chris isaak’s “wicked game” and i was blown away – it’s worth a listen even if you aren’t familiar with the original song. check it out below.


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i think i’m in love with the war on drugs

rarely do i find an album that after the initial listen-to-every-song-evaluation, i go back and listen to it from start to finish again, and never skip a song. i love when that happens.

41f440f9the war on drugs is a band i had heard of but hadn’t listened to until last week, and now i can’t stop. i was inspired to finally check them out when i heard about a stellar performance they put on for the late show with david letterman from a couple different music blogs that i follow. they just released a new album this past march called lost in the dream and it’s been playing on repeat. lead vocalist adam granduciel sounds like the love child of bob dylan and bruce springsteen and the washed-ambient dreamscape sound of the instrumentals makes for easy listening. it’s like, dylan + springsteen + dire straights + fleetwood mac + tom petty = the war on drugs. so if you’re into that, you’ll love this.

this album is the product of a breakup with granduciel’s long term girlfriend, and dealing with the anxiety and depression that came with it. for all the suffering he went through, his outlet turned into something beautiful.

it’s hard to choose my favorites off of lost in the dream. you should really just listen to the album from start to finish. below is the video for “red eyes” which is their first single off the album. i also love “under the pressure” and “an ocean between the waves” off this album, but they have a lot of great songs i’ve listened to off their other albums – check out “brothers” and “baby missiles” off of slave ambient and then listen to every other song you can possibly find by this band.

they’ll be playing in boston the sunday of boston calling this coming september, and now i have even more reason to buy my ticket for that day (i can’t miss nas and the roots). they’re touring around the country this fall – see the list of tour dates here.

“red eyes” by the war on drugs

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metal face is back

mf doom bishop nehru

one of my favorite hip hop artists/producers of all time, mf doom, has teamed up with the young and talented bishop nehru to collaborate on a new lp, nehruviandoom coming out later this year. today they released the first video and track off the album. i’m not familiar with bishop nehru but after listening to this song i’m gonna check him out for sure. watch the new video for “darkness (hbu)” below.

you can also watch an interview with the two artists here.

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st. lucia (the band, not the island)

st lucia when the nightthese guys opened for foster the people on their tour this past spring and i got the chance to watch their soundcheck before their show at the hampton beach casino ballroom in april. not gonna lie, had no idea who they were when they went up on stage. but they sounded ahhh-mazing live and i went home that night and did some research.

jean-philip grobner was born in johannesburg, south africa but raised in brooklyn, new york. he teamed up with a few friends to create a band so he could perform his music live, and st. lucia was born. they released their first full length studio album when the night in october 2013 and have released one single so far called “elevate”. great tune.

the best way i could describe their sound is that they’re “synth-pop” with an 80’s feel.

my favorite track off the album is “closer than this” – listen below.

st. lucia is going on tour again starting this september. check out the list of tour dates to see if they’re coming near you. i’ll be nabbing tickets to see them in boston this october.

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relix > rolling stone/every other music magazine that i don’t read.

relix magazinei recently started reading relix magazine thanks to a suggestion from my cousin’s wife’s dad (are you following? good). it’s much less known in the world of music magazines than heavy hitters like rolling stone or billboard or xxl, but it’s waaay better. it comes with a free cd. it’s like the adult version of getting a prize at the bottom of your cereal box. except that when i think about it, i am in fact an actual “adult” and i still dig my hand into the bottom of the box.

relix has an interesting origin – according to wikipedia (the bible) the magazine started as a handmade newsletter in the 1970s devoted to connecting people who recorded grateful dead concerts, but it rapidly expanded into a music magazine covering a wide amount of artists.

what you can expect in each issue is a focus on live music, band interviews, album reviews, concert festivals, music videos, podcasts, musician classifieds, and show reviews. you’ll also find a ton of new music suggestions to listen to, so you won’t have to read this blog anymore!

check out relix online here.

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i like this video alert: “i miss your bones” by hospitality

i’m into the show shameless like….hard. as in i have already mentioned it in different posts and i watch episodes numerous times and i follow all of the members of the cast on every social media outlet and i pretend that we’re all actually friends in real life (please stop looking at me like that).

so i was pretty excited when i was clicking around on npr music and found a post featuring a brand new music video for the song “i miss your bones” by hospitality – and debbie from shameless (emma rose kenney) was in it. i wasn’t familiar with hospitality before, but i watched the video since my best friend debs was in it and the song actually rules. according to a blurb by director lara gallagher, the video is about what it means to miss someone in the modern digital age. i feel that.

it’s super catchy so be careful, you might get infected. it’s from hospitality’s new album trouble which just dropped earlier this year. they have a sort of best coast/yeah yeah yeahs/summer on the beach vibe so you’ll like it if you’re into that.

check it out here:

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jack white – if you can see this…just know that i would marry you.


jack white is one of the coolest guys that i (don’t actually) know. he’s edward scissor hands with a guitar and he knows he’s the shit.

anyway, lazaretto came out in june and it’s been on repeat lately while i’m spotify-ing at work. i googled what a lazaretto is and apparently it’s an isolation hospital for people with infectious diseases. just as a side note, in case anyone was wondering. ok.

anyway (again), this album rules. if you’re a fan of jack white (or the white stripes, or the raconteurs, or the dead weather, or his ten second cameo on portlandia) you have to check it out. i recommend the title track “lazaretto” and his other single off the album so far “just one drink”. i also dig “high ball stepper” but really if you just hit play and turn off shuffle and sit there your ears will thank you after every track.

his sound on this album mixes distorted guitar effects with twangy folk rock vibes – plus, with the added female vocals and fiddle, you might almost feel like you’re listening to the old white stripes. it’s totally weird and eccentric and lyrically intriguing and you should stop reading this post and go listen to it immediately.

he’s also going on tour, lucky us. i got to see him at governor’s ball in new york city earlier in june, and now i want more. he’s coming to fenway park and i will absolutely be there (in a wedding dress). take a look to see if he’s coming to your general vicinity here.

check out the music video for “lazaretto”: