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foster the people – a new found appreciation

imagemy job has some great perks. i’ve only been working at the river (92.5 wxrv) for about 3 months and i’ve already met a plethora of talented musicians that most muggles would never have access to. i’ve also been able to attend a couple concerts (that i normally would have paid a decent amount for) completely free. tickets are basically dispensable at radio stations. my boss actually forgets that she even has tickets to shows and they end up going unused. it’s crazy.

anyway, last week i had the pleasure of working an event with foster the people. they were playing a show at the hampton casino ballroom in hampton, new hampshire. i’ve always enjoyed listening to foster the people – in fact, no matter how many times i heard “pumped up kicks” on the radio, i actually never got sick of it. that’s rare.

before the concert, the band played a 3-song acoustic set during their sound check for 10 listeners (plus myself and the other river staff members). they sounded so great and they were genuinely nice, too. they were engaging with the listeners and making a somewhat awkward situation less weird. they played “houdini” (my personal all-time favorite), “coming of age” and “don’t stop (color on the walls)”.

their new album supermodel dropped on 3/18/14 and i have to say i don’t like it as much as i liked torches from 2011. the first single from the album, “coming of age” is a little bit unimpressive. there are a couple gems though – check out “best friend” and “pseudologia fantastica”.

after meeting the band and gaining an appreciation for how great they sound live and how friendly they are, i think i’ll always listen to foster the people and give them a chance when they come out with new stuff.

they’re on tour right now – find dates here.

and check out my favorite. “houdini”


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things i find in my hair.

yes, i realize this is unrelated to music. but after telling a co-worker a story about my hair earlier, i realized that i could write a book on this topic.

i find miscellaneous objects in my hair…almost daily.

chapter i: the chocolate chip.

i got home late from work at the river on friday night, and as i walked in the door i received some of the best news i’ve gotten in a while.

“lauren, there’s a cannoli in the fridge from mike’s pastry for you.”

life is so damn good.

to make a long story short, i inhaled said cannoli as if i hadn’t seen food in weeks. and it was absolutely divine. everything i could have wanted.

later on that night, as i was lightly tossing my locks around glamorously as i watched robot chicken, i felt a small, hard piece of…something in my hair. my first instinct was, “shit, another bug in my hair” (this happens quite often). as i carefully monitored my breathing in order to not have a panic attack while searching for the potential bug, i came to realize that in my unruly mane, trapped, hanging on for dear life, was a chocolate chip.

so then i ate it.

the end.