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phantoms and friends ep – old man canyon

i’m a loyal fan of the showtime series shameless. i heard a song in an episode earlier this season and had to pause and rewind it back to the beginning of the scene so i could go grab my phone and shazam the shit out of it. the song turned out to be “wiser” by old man canyon. i love their style; i’m a little bit of a catchy-upbeat-folky sound junkie. and i like that they reply to my tweets because they make me feel special o_0

their ep “phantoms and friends” came out earlier this year. my favorite song is “wiser” which grabbed me initially, with the title track coming in at a close second. you can download the ep on their website here.

old man canyon brings back memories from the cross-country road trip i never took (but i’m continuously planning). the simple lyrics and catchy melodies got me hooked. i’m a sucker for violin as well. check out “phantoms and friends” and let me know what you think.

if you’re interested in seeing them live they’ve also announced some upcoming tour dates.