musical musings


welcome to trafficjams.

i’m a music lover and i regularly find myself rambling about a new band or album that i discovered to people who don’t really care, or have no idea what they’re getting themselves into, or are actually deaf and i hadn’t realized. this is my outlet for that. click around. turn your volume on. make a new playlist for your 4-hour long, sitting in traffic, swearing at your steering wheel commute home from your deadbeat job. you might find something you actually like. i have to say, in my own unbiased opinion, i have great taste.

for the record i’m no professional music critic. i’m probably not going to get all pitchfork-y on you and describe music with words like “dissonant” and “obtrusive” because let’s be honest, neither you nor i know what that means.

i’m just here to give you some suggestions, talk about things i wanna talk about, and help you re-vamp your music library. i hope you’ll enjoy.

by the way: to navigate around the posts, look on the right side of the page. there are a few sections – recent posts, archives by month, and a list of categories with different music genres.


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